Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bimbolles Series: Trissona footlamp

Trissona is a very special footlamp, a genuine design from Joan Sunyer "Moret". Those who are acquainted to him know that he has triplet nephews whom he adores. He was inspired  by them to design this lamp with three branches that are born of a common origin. And we named the lamp Trissona (Triplet) after  the triplet kids. It had to be  this way!

Trissona,  zenital view.

In the Exhibition at ES TALLER, Santanyí , when opening the Showroom and presenting the BimBolles Series, they were shown with lampshades customized by local artist "Mir a mà", very suitable for kids' ambients.

Lampshades customized by "Mir a mà"

Eventually here you are one of Trissona's constructive details. Joan Sunyer "Moret" , as the excellent designer and craftsman he is, takes extreme care of them.

Constructive detail of Trissona's foot, varnished iron tube on Santanyí's stone base.
Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The meaning of colour in different Cultures

Since a year ago I've been learning about Social Media, positioning in Google and so. I've positioned myself in LinkedIn, in Twitter and I'm more and more present in Facebook. Being in that places has lead me to meet wonderful people and designers and to make some discoveries like the one I'm presenting today.
Interior Designers and Decorators have to handle with COLOUR daily, something I personally love. In Spain it is not usual for people to ask professional advice on this issue. COLOURS have different meanings according to DIVERSE CULTURES in our world, as you see in the pic above.This is something to be very careful about when attending a consultancy from a client belonging to a Culture other than the Designer's one.  I thank so much MODENUS, who published the pic in Twitter: this will be very useful for myself. And anybody who needs it, please use it!

Reading blogs in the net I've realized that colour marketing is something carefully planned. I'll be soon publishing my 2010 SUMMER PALETTE, according to tendencies but adapted to my taste and to Mediterranean countries. And long lasting.