Sunday, November 2, 2014

COPPER ORANGE, AkzoNobel's 2015 Color of the Year!

As every year these days, AkzoNobel published their 2015 Colour of the Year, Copper Orange, which is defined as


A deep colour in an emerging spectrum of reds, pinks and oranges, it showcases a globally more optimistic trend.

According to the current protagonism of metallic hues in design, this colour reflects and summarizes the Trends identified for 2015 in this field. These are:
  • A warmer attitude and a desire for sharing.
  • Natural earthy colour palettes, from clay tones to sunlit yellow strokes.
  • And last but not least, skin tones that reflect human interaction and sepia hues from the past. 

    Copper Orange combines well with:


    • Also with other metallic hues as GOLD.

      There is a return to using ORANGE as a MAIN COLOUR rather than a mere accent.

      AkzoNobel's motto is:


      The search of wonder in our daily life, this jewel that makes it magic, is a reaction to consumerism – which anchors in sustainability as the core point to make our world a more caring and sharing one. 

      As for Architecture, the main direction is “EVERY DAY+”. That means:

      "La Reserva"

      • Opening our eyes to the existing beauty around us.
      • Looking to the world as a unique place, with a renovated glance at it.
      • Colour of the Year 2015, COPPER ORANGE, enhances natural and handcrafted materials.

      As an instance, ColorFutures mentions the La Reserva” House, in La Colina, by Chilean architect Sebastián Irarrazával (upper image).

      Other applications in Architecture have been seen:

      And different Trends Forecastings seem to confirm this direction, as in Haymes:
Eclectic Trends

If you want to se the video of COPPER ORANGE's presentation by AkzoNobel, you've got it HERE.

In coming posts we will deal with the five 2015 Color Trends provided by ColorFutures, who have provided all the images shown here, if other sources aren't mentioned. 
See you!
Isabel de Yzaguirre,
La Colorista®


  1. Hi Isabel - I do loves these colors together, soft and easy, gentle colors. bedroom/diningroom/softspace...
    how is your consulting business going? I've had a good run of clients this past summer, now, I will see what happens.

    1. Hi, Lynne!

      I love these hues as well, and I'm happy to hear you've had many clients this summer.
      Here things are slow,but I'm writing a lot about color, which I love.
      Thank you so much for stopping by!