Thursday, December 3, 2015

Pantone's Colours of the Year 2016: Rose Quartz and Serenity.

For the first time in recent years and in an interesting and clever turn -at least in my eyes- Pantone has chosen a combination of two hues as the Color of the Year 2016: Rose Quartz and Serenity. Rose being warm and compassionate and Serenity blue, cooler and calm, together they promote the sense of balance and wellness that is currently felt as so necessary in our stressful days.

About a month ago, my friend Marta Aymerich Mallorca and I were guessing about which colour of Pantone's SS Fashion 2016 Report would be the One for 2016. After analizing past Colours of the Year and a quick sight at Colour Trends and the World's current events, my votes were divided between ... Rose Quartz and Serenity! (Honestly, I also though of Silver Gray).

Both hues have a hint of red and much white, and Rose Quartz seems a natural evolution from 2015's Marsala. Marsala embraced warmness and made a statement and now we still need warmness and healing -think of wars, big scale migrations and so many things striking our counciousness... Rose Quartz will fulfill perfectly this need, and Serenity, cooler but tied to Rose Quartz by a faint tinge of red, will pair extremely well with Rose both esthetically and functionally and will provide a sense of peace.What I hadn't imagined was that Pantone would select the two of them as Colors of the Year 2016


As for me, I'm more than pleased and do warmly welcome them because deeply inside of me I have a feeling that our world needs a great dose of healing, nurturing and protection. The video that follows shows why in just some moments:

My next step will be investigating among my Trends  Boards to check if I find related images, which I'm nearly sure about. See you soon!

Isabel de Yzaguirre,
La Colorista®

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