Friday, February 3, 2012


Purple is a trendy color. It was chosen by CMG as Color of the Year 2012 and they named it Boyz'n'Berry:

Recently, Color Strategist Lori Sawaya produced this Colorgraphic that shows Purple's meanings:

Color Marketing Group think that "From office to home, from youth market to luxury goods, purple has as much masculine as feminine appeal.  Confident women and real men wear purple!" I love this turn of purple towards men!

Lori Sawaya has developed a palette of plums and purples in an Infographic that explains how and where you can use purple. If you want it, you can download it in PDF format here:

We are currently seeing purple and its related hues featured in many products, as in this sofa from Anéguil:

Or in this jardinière from the same brand:

Also in this glass washbasin from Courant Verre:

And in this beautiful carpet by Heuga.

As for Colour Palettes combining purple, I love this one created and shared by Kate Smith:

Purple was showcased by CAUS as early as in their 2011-12 Trends Report in GLOBAL ARTISAN TREND. Don't you be reminded of Pantone's Tangerine Tango by some of the hues in this palette?

I love how Jane Hall used purple in this interior:

And how JPM did combine it here:

JPM Design, via Pinterest.

We could go on and on... and it would take long. I only expect you love purple as much as I do,be it trendy or not!
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Yours in Color!

Isabel de Yzaguirre,
La Colorista.


  1. I'm loving the colors featured in CAUS 2011-12 GLOBAL ARTISAN TREND.

    Thank you for including me in your post, Isabel. You made some great points and collected many beautiful images including purple!

  2. I thank you, Lori, for letting me share your image and knowledge and for leaving your comment. I love your Colorgraphicals and the way you explain how to create a well balanced Monochromatic Color Scheme!

  3. And I do love the CAUS Color Palette! All of them for 2011-12!