Sunday, September 28, 2014

My comment on Color Trends World's Forecast 2016 to be revealed at CMG International Summit.

A few days ago, CMG announced the reveal of their World's Color Forecast for 2016, which will be presented in depth at their International Summit next November. If you're interested, gather information here. But if you want a sneak a peek of it, here it goes, and my comparison with what I have been observing about Colour Trends in the net recently. This is the announced World's 2016 Color Palette:

Source, CMG.

As you'll remember, I posted about colour trends this year and I talked about BLUES for 2014-15 here, and about GREENS for 2015-16 here. And what are you seeing in CMG's World Palette? A hughe presence of blues and some blue-greens. And Spring and Jungle Greens, as announced by Mix Trends and shown in my mentioned previous posts. 

In Mix Trends Retroflow I've observed more presence of greens than of blues, which is not so different of what you are seeing here, taking into account that blue greens and aquas would be a bridge among the two mentioned color families. 

Color selection at a CMG Workshop.
See blues and greens?

Barcelona's CMG Workshop 2014,

Green expresses a desire for a natural feel, and blues reminds us of summery skies -with its unlimited dimension and sense of freedom- and of soothing and fresh waters, be them Caribbean or from a rainy day. In a fast paced technological society where we usually feel so pressed and far away from nature, this choices make a lot of sense to me. I've loved these ones:

Notice an important presence of the red to orange families, which I see in Mix Trends for 2015-16 as well. This would indicate a shift towards more confidence and optimism, but will social facts confirm this trend? By the way, red is complementary to green and both balance each other.

Clerkenwell Design Week, source.

Different sources seem to confirm same Colour Directions: let's see what coming Fairs and Reports disclose. In the meanwhile I hope you enjoy discovering Colour Trends as I do. 
More to come!

Isabel de Yzaguirre,
La Colorista.

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