Monday, May 28, 2012

Moià's Architectural Colours (1).

Moià is a small village 50 Km. away from Barcelona, right in Catalonia's countryside. This is where I live. I haven't been doing my colour palettes for a while and I was truly missing that. A few days ago I went to the Medical Center and I could capture this image from there. I have a project in mind. It is about studying the colours of this place, both in landscape and in architecture. I'd love to do the same with some places in Catalonia, and I have a specific idea about Barcelona's Art Déco colour palettes. Time to time.

What did I love from this image? The citrus yellow in the old small house against the blue mediterranean sky. I could extract this olive green which pairs well with yellow and yellowish white. Together with pastel and sky blue and dark blue, they make a happy, luminous and well balanced colour palette. I'd love to gather my own collection of colours!