Sunday, May 2, 2010

BimBolles: the beginning.

BimBolles lighitngs: first sketches.

Once upon a time  Joan  and Mariantònia had some rice paper lanterns and wished to do something new with them. They wished to design new linghtings by adding some value to this beautiful white spheres. Joan told me about that and I began sketching. That's how the BimBolles were born. Joan was pleased with my drawings and encouraged me to explore many possibilities -table lighting, cieling and wall lighting... He chose the ones that pleased him and developed them, or created new ones. He did the hard part: he worked on the prototypes and solved problems on them.

Bimbolles: a tree lighitng.

 On march 27th. 2010  ES TALLER JOAN MORET was launched at Santanyí (Mallorca, SPAIN) and our Bimbolles were presented to our friends and guests.They wore lanterns customized by four young local artists:  Catalina Obrador, Catalina Vidal Oliver -known as Mir a mà-, Gabriela Meunié and Guillem Vicens, all of them from Santanyí. We had also our dear Marina Ramos, from JiM.

The BimBolles series consists of different lights, all of them handicrafted at ES TALLER, where you can buy them on request. The first I'll show you is the smallest one, Ble.

Bimbolles lighting: Ble

With Santanyí stone foot and varnished tubular iron, Joan Sunyer "Moret"  designed the mechanism that lets the light to hold the lantern, as this was designed in origin to hang.
Ble, BimBolles lighting family.

Ble can be done in different heigths. So you can have two or three of them and play with  their sizes to decorate a room. Maybe one for your coffee table, another in that special corner you love...and you'll easily create a symphony that will lighten your home and make it worm.

Blens have a walk...

Ble are so joyfull and gentle and all together make such a happy familiy that I can only say: if you wish some light in your life have a Ble

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