Saturday, January 8, 2011

Colors of the Year 2011: which one you choose?

Citrus Yellow is one of the trendy colors this year 2011:

Chosen by multinational AzkoNobel, owner of prestigious paint  brands in many countries, as their Color 2011, it contrasts strongly with Pantone's proposed hue, Honeysuckle Pink. In one hand I must state I wouldn't dare to paint an accent wall with such a strong bold color.In the other, I think this pink can work very well in fashion:

I think also it can lighten  and enhance an Interior as a punch of color in some complements and make it look springlike:

Citrus yellow seems to work best for more extensive use in Interiors in its different hues, from buttery  to sherbet yellow, from canary yellow to the most bright and saturated hues of it.

Let's look at this kitchen as an instance. Published in Apartment Therapy Trends 2001 Report it shows yellow in an up-to-date design. Enlightened by white cabinetry and in a bold contrast with the rich brown of the wooden floor, it sems to dialogue by analogy with the peach orange color in the next room. Some punchs of green here and there balance the whole composition.

 In Fashion we can find all kind of clothings and complements in this warm and yet refreshing color:

 With what I love best from all these I have made my own Trendy Palette 2011. Enjoy!

If you are in Catalonia and would love to update your Home's Color and Décoration, I'm here to help you.
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  1. Nice post. I like the photos you have selected to illustrate.

  2. Thank you, Nancy! You are most welcome!

  3. I love the color palette, but haven't really used those here in
    NC. More so muted blues, soft grays and light greens. Still seeing a big coastal influence here - which I love!

  4. Thank you, Donna!
    I did this palette as an exercise. I tried to join and mix different Colours of the Year 2011, as Honeysuckle Pink, Citrus Yellow and Antique Wine, and create my own mixture with some more added. All to see how I could work with them.
    You are welcome!

  5. Nice pic. My kitchen is similar but the white colour in the furniture is like a new smart for them. Next Summer is time for changes. I'll change my old wooden furniture and I'll paint them in white. Good option, now I need to work for getting money.

  6. Welcome, Mermaid! I hope you can fulfill your project and make it come true!