Thursday, July 28, 2011

To create a colour palette out from a beloved object

One way to begin a Colour Consult is to choose an art object we love and create a colour palette to enhance it. This object becomes inspirational because we love its colours, its texture, maybe the memory it awakens or the desired atmosphere we would  like to create around us. At the same time, we could attempt to design the proper scenario to show our treasure at its best. And we would need to choose the right colours for furniture, walls, floor and so on.

This is what I did with this Art-Déco candy box I bought some years ago. And I extracted this collection of beautiful muted rich hues:

I  added some colours of the surrounding furniture to those of the candy box . The palette plays with some complements from the yellow and violet family. There are some analogous as terracotta orange, and silvery and golden hues and  olive green make a great family. Maybe  I will have and accent wall painted in dark red violet and then I will pick the rest of hues...

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