Saturday, August 20, 2011

Focal Art: Vitaly Geyman, Photographer.

I've mentioned before how thanks to the net I have become acquainted to wonderful people. This is how I met Vitaly Geyman, by the way.

Vitaly is an internationally published and licensed artist, devoted to photography.Born in the Ukraine, Vitaly spent the first twelve years of his life in Kiev, a colorful and culturally rich city replete with old cathedrals and large oak trees. At the age of twelve his parents decided to leave what was then the U.S.S.R, as political refugees. After spending time in Italy they immigrated to Australia where Vitaly spent his formative years. The beauty and vastness of Australia touched his heart and it is where he began his love affair with nature. However, it was not until his move to the United States in 2003 that he began to fully immerse himself in the art of photography.

It is Vitaly's belief that "great photographic art transports us into another dimension". His artistic journey is an ongoing exploration of the beauty, simplicity and wisdom of nature.Vitaly’s soulful, dreamlike fine art photography would suit perfectly any place you'd love to accent in your home, business or office.

I have chosen some of the prints he offers in Gliclee Art Prints from Art Prints America to show here. From his Flower  Prints this Sun Flower. Wouldn't it glow in a child's room, for instance?

Wouldn't that make a beautiful contrast with some kind of burgundy or wine red? I even would match it with a wider colour palette, a very whimsical one!

Clic on photos to enlarge and better appreciate colour palettes.

This is only one of many  possibilities...  Paler yellow and blues, more subdued reds and terracota or earth brown would work well here.

From the  Fall Leaves Gallery this is one of my favourites, a color feast for one's eyes! What colour palette will glorify  it? Let's see...

These richer and more subdued hues would make the Art Print pop-up and create a sophisticated look for a room. The rest of elements, should coordinate with these. Bright red is the exception -II'd keep it for an accent.

Vitaly publishes White and Black photos on different themes. Among them, I have  chosen this gorgeous Magnolia Duet.

If you want to create a contemporary sophisticated look with White and Black Art, go for a dynamic palette that combines black and white with grays and a rich jewel hue  like one of these:

I have a strong preference for flowers, but you can find other Nature related themes in Art Prints America. You can create awsome focal points with Tree Bark Art Prints and you have Fall and Winter Art, together with Ocean and Waterfall Giclee Artprints.

In the following video, Vitaly explains what Giclee Art Prints are and why they are better quality ones:

And here he gives some valuable tips to shoot beautiful Botanical photos. I hope you enjoy them!


If you are willing to create a wonderful focal wall in your home, office, commercial or healthcare and need some help, feel free to contact me!

(Information provided by Art Prints America, to whom I'm not affiliated but yes very thankful for their letting me to create Color Palettes with their Giclee Art Prints.)

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