Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How Colour Trends are set

Colour Trends are set a minimum of three years in advance to a certain year, as many of you know. Trend setters work for great Trending Companies, establish trends according to many indicators and then follow the market to see which ones are early adopted or not. All kind of industries consult Color Trends Forecasting Books and Companies, so their products adapt to the market. This is how we see colours adopted and loved by costumers: they are made to enjoy them by industry. As Colour Marketing Group's tagline says, "Color Sells"!

And as Frank H. Mahnke explains in his book "Color and Light in Man-made environments", psychological studies carried in a very serious way demonstrate we humans need colour in our lives. That's why we love it! And we also need variation to avoid boredom.

That is where Trends come to make sense, as well as seasonal colour changes at our homes. 

I follow as many fonts as I can in order to know about Colour Trends. I love reading Mix Magazine from Globalcolor, they provide really good information that focuses in different markets. There are many other fonts of course.Then this is up to the Color Detective to make his, her colour work and choose. I'm working on my Colour Focus for the next months in 2011 and yesterday I came through this jewel: AzkoNobel Colour Trends 2012. I will come back soon with very intersting news on that!


  1. Really took away many things to think about from this post. Thank you very much;)

    Although I'm too young to think about it now, I'm seriously considering having a yellow grave marker in future, to bring cheer to others even upon death.

  2. I found this photo so live, Fiona! People having graves painted like this must be really happy. Thank you for commenting!