Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Decorating with Floral Art", guest post by Arcadian Lighting

Bring the garden into your home with floral art. Decorating with floral art, whether new, vintage or antique, is a lovely way to surround yourself with blooms all year round. When on the hunt for decorating ideas, remember framed floral art is easy to change out and move around the house—just like fresh flowers. When decorating your space, make sure to have proper light fixtures to illuminate and brighten your decor.
Floral Wall Art
Litsa's Blog (via)

Probably the first rule of decorating with floral art is choose art that includes your favorite flowers. Love heritage roses? Find photographs, paintings and prints that depict these flowers so you can have their blooms in your home even when your garden isn't in bloom.

Rose Paintings
Maison Decor8 (via)

Antique rose paintings add to the farmhouse/cottage feeling of this creamy yellow bedroom. A mix of painted and natural wood furniture emphasizes the cottage style.

Floral Wallpaper
Content in a Cottage (via)

Use botanical prints as wallpaper for unique floral wall art. Love the prints, most likely taken from vintage books, against the white furniture, perfect for any den design. We also adore the light fixture placed right above the table -- very whimsical and airy.

Clipboard Florals
Mondo Cherry (via)

Using clipboards or clip frames to frame a collection of floral prints makes it easy to switch them out as you like. Would be fun to create seasonal displays or even weekly to reflect what is in bloom in the garden.

Floral Paintings
Luxury Decorating Ideas (via)

Hang a floral painting in a cottage style kitchen. Love the meadow painting against the whitewashed wood walls.

Vintage Prints
Etsy (via)

Vintage floral prints from the early 20th century have a lot of charm. Look for them on etsy, ebay or at estate sales. Adding vintage appeal to bedroom designs, they're lovely in a cottage bedroom such as this one.

Floral Decoupage
Nenagh Gal (via)

Using floral prints to decoupage a piece of furniture is a clever way to decorate with floral art. This idea would be pretty on a console top or small table.

Floral Mantel
Country Living (via)

Blue and white botanical prints, these of sea corals, paired with blue hydrangeas create a crisp, lovely display above a white mantel. Stretch the definition of floral to flora (as in flora and fauna) to expand the choices for your home.

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