Saturday, September 10, 2011

My colour Style...

If I could wear the things I have in my Style Board in Pinterest, today I would choose this beautiful coral-red cardigan to begin:

This would combine with an awsome long skirt in different blues with big flower patterns in white, blue and bold red:

And I would fly rather than walk with these red angel-winged platform shoes!

Red and blue in a perfect Complementary Scheme as you see... Mmm, I love it!!!
I will go on dreaming...

All pictures from Anthropologie.


  1. Very fun and love those colors. I like the shoes the best Isabel!

  2. The shoes are my favourite as well, Donna! And more my true style :)

  3. LOVE the skirt and jacket combo!

  4. Well, there are shoes that are called wing-tips and shoes called PF Flyers. What would you call these?

  5. Thank you, Marcella, I do love them as well!

    According to Anthropologie, the shoes are "Firewing clogs", Elizabet Brown. I admit I don't know much specialized "shoe's vocabulary" so I described them as my imagination dictated to my brain! I have some words now to read about and investigate, lol!