Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Charlotte's Locks Red by Farrow&Balls, their colour 2012?

I love this colour from Farrow&Ball!!!I received it in their Newsletter today and I can't stop watching it!
It reminds me of Juicy Ripe Berry Red, the Colour of the Year proposed by AzkoNobel  for 2012.

Farrow&Ball are highlighting this colour in their UK website and it's beautiful and suggestive name is Charlotte's Locks.The upper half of the image corresponds to this colour in Estate Emulsion and the lower part is the same colour in Full Gloss. This way, a striking, textured look is created and the high sheen gloss finish constrasts wonderfully with the chalky matt appearance of Estate Emulsion for an ultra contemporary feel

According to F&B, "Full Gloss offers an extremely robust and durable finish wherever it is used, inside or outside the home. Ideal for all interior and exterior woodwork and metal and available in 132 colours, its 95% sheen gives a striking finish." It suits front doors, furniture in a need of up-dating, walls and radiators.

I'm seeing lots of red announced everywhere.  For instance, CMG has chosen a red they have called Phidias as the 2012 color for Europe.It has something to do with Juicy Ripe Berry Red...

Or not?

I  had never thought of red in the way I do now. And you? Would you have red in your home?
If you  need any advice, just contact me. I'm here to help you!


  1. Isabel, I could live with that beautiful red, for sure. I love the gloss in the bowl, but not on the walls. I think Tomato Bisque might be on the menu for lunch today!

  2. Then bon appetit, Elizabeth! I love the red, but as you am not sure about having it in gloss on the walls. Red seems to come strong for next year and I found F&B suggestion very daring. Nice to have you here!